VMware and Broadcom

A New Era for Cloud Computing

Broadcom’s recent acquisition of VMware has shaken the world of cloud computing. Let’s break down the key changes and what they mean for you:

Simplified Products: VMware and Broadcom are streamlining their offerings to two main choices: VMware Cloud Foundation and VMware vSphere Foundation. This means some standalone software will only be available within these bundles.

Subscription Shift: VMware is moving from perpetual licenses to a subscription model. You’ll now pay per core for access, which will impact how you budget and purchase VMware products.

Partner Reshuffle: The VMware partner program is being revamped. Finding the right partner to navigate these changes is crucial.

What it Means for You:

  • Cost Changes: The shift to subscriptions might increase costs. Careful planning is needed to optimize spending.
  • Strategic Decisions: Consider if migrating to alternative platforms aligns with your business goals.

How to Adapt:

  • License Audit: Assess your current usage to ensure compliance and identify cost-saving opportunities.
  • Transition Plan: Develop a roadmap that considers both short-term adjustments and long-term strategic alignment with the new licensing model.
  • Expert Guidance: Stay informed about ongoing changes and leverage expert advice to ensure your VMware investment continues to deliver value.

Looking Ahead:

While these changes present challenges, they also offer opportunities. By partnering with an experienced advisor, you can navigate this transition effectively and leverage the full potential of VMware technologies.

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