We put our customers first –

and keep them there.

Our mission is to cultivate a customer-first partnership that drives your long-term business success with technology. We believe in honest communication and accountability so you get transparency from a devoted partner.

Get to know us a bit better:

At AVAIL, we are Technology Procurement and Management Advisors based out of Lancaster, PA. Started initially as Premier Management Group (PMG) in 1990 by Daryl Heller and Bob Horst, PMG was a pioneer of the brokered telecom business model. PMG was sold in 2012 to MicroCorp out of Atlanta, GA.

Five years later,

Daryl Heller and his venture capital company Heller Capital Group bought back the PMG business from MicroCorp and rebranded it Premier Technology Group to reflect the expanding services offered in the brokered model started 30 years prior. Today, AVAIL supports over 800 clients with $27M in annual services managed.

The approach that has led to our success over the past 30 years is based on a singular focus of advocating for our customers. Through our brokerage model, we represent 300+ market-leading providers across multiple different technologies.

And now, on January of 2021, PTG merged with another Heller Capital Group company, AVAIL Technology Solutions.  AVAIL was founded in 2019 to provide IT Services to clients making the move to cloud-provided solutions.  Having purchased PremierComm in 2021, AVAIL became a leading provider of Managed IT and UCaaS solutions. With the merger, the combined company took on the AVAIL brand to represent to the market the deeper skill set and specialization around cloud services.

Our team has an average of 15+ years of industry experience,

which allows us to recommend the best options for your needs based on the criteria you determine is most important. We work with our customers to identify the desired outcomes of a project and then find the providers that can meet the requirements at the lowest possible prices.

Since we are quoting services for 800+ accounts throughout the US and internationally, we understand market rates and which providers make the best fit.

Meet the Team

Daryl Heller


Daryl brings 28 years of successful entrepreneurial experience to the leadership team at AVAIL. He leads Heller Capital Group and in turn provides leadership to AVAIL as a portfolio company of Heller Capital Group. He specializes in M&A, deal-making, integrative negotiation, and strategy, and he’s most fulfilled in pursuit of win-win outcomes. Fittingly, Daryl is, in his own words, “evangelistic” about finding and maintaining balance in his professional and personal life, and that absolute accountability – to himself, to his family, to his work, to his teams, to his community, and to the world – is the foundation of Daryl’s leadership philosophy.

With an ever-growing list of professional accolades and accomplishments, Daryl never forgets his roots. A Pennsylvania native who co-founded his first company at a picnic table, Daryl continues to give back, remaining committed to community engagement and leadership, as well as conscientiously mentoring aspiring leaders in the area. Daryl is also an avid sports fan “of everything Philly” and a committed amateur triathlete, and his drive for holistic wellness is in perfect alignment with his demand for continuous improvement in himself, his companies, and the people around him.

As a man of many passions, Daryl holds two above the rest: his family and his tireless work for Horizon Initiative, an organization he co-founded with a core purpose of empowering the underprivileged to self-sustainability in Africa and Latin America. Daryl’s humanity and humanitarianism are both at the core of who he is and what he does, and he views his wholehearted investments in Horizon and his family as the true cultivation of his legacy. Like everyone at AVAIL, Daryl is clearly committed to continuous improvement, innovation, and expansion as an engaged member of society and in his role at AVAIL, and he remains passionate about leaving the parts of the world he encounters better than he found them.


Jason Cadwalader

Chief Development Officer

With over 20 years of experience, Jason brings vast knowledge and experience to his role at the intersection of AVAIL’s growth and strategy. As our company’s Chief Development Officer, Jason uses customer-centricity in his thinking, planning, and leadership to ensure that AVAIL’s brand identity, sales and marketing efforts, operational efficiency, and customer service align with the ultimate goal of our company: to facilitate business success and prosperity for our customers.

Service, in every sense, is important to Jason, and it permeates both his professional and personal lives. With family as his ultimate priority, Jason personally strives to provide an environment that enables wife and three children to flourish and become exceptional individuals. He enjoys golfing, cycling, and deeply investing in his children’s many activities. As is the case among the members of our leadership team, Jason models balance, zeal, integrity, and humanity to those around him.

Sharing the same dedication to integrity, service, and continuous improvement with the rest of our leadership team, Jason is an invaluable member of our community and serves as an example to the people around him. Jason is passionate about the prime opportunity for AVAIL to harness the rapidly evolving landscape of Information Technology, and he is intent on fulfilling AVAIL’s commitment to delivering world-class value, quality, and experience to our customers.


Krista Topper

Director of Finance and Revenue

As Director of Finance, Krista Topper provides financial leadership, improves accounting strategies, tracks key performance indicators, and advises on all things financial. She helps the growing company manage budgeting and forecasting as well as analyze financial health to plan for the future. Krista brings seven years of experience – having been a senior financial analyst and financial control specialist in previous employment. She is also experienced in multiple industries and reorganizing and simplifying processes to maximize efficiency and accuracy of accounting records.

She embodies the “People First” value of AVAIL, prioritizing partnerships, empathy, and care for others. One of the greatest elements of AVAIL that attracted her to the company was how its values mirror her own – with honesty and relationships at the very top.

In her personal life, Krista enjoys spending time with her family of 5 and exercising. She enjoys boating, hiking, wake boarding or just relaxing poolside.

She looks forward to managing and growing AVAIL’s financial well-being and to personally and professionally grow alongside the company.


Connie Becker

Director of Operations and Sales Support

Connie brings over 30 years of experience to the AVAIL leadership team. She has built a stellar career in communications and technology, bringing humanity and service to every role. A member of the AVAIL community for the past 12 years, Connie is the perfect person to oversee the Customer Advocacy Team and the Human Resources function of our company.

In her personal life, Connie’s passion for service is evident in her role in disaster relief efforts around the country. She has taken trips to help residents of Mississippi, North Dakota, and West Virginia, and went to New Jersey three times to help people suffering in the wake of natural disasters. Her commitment to her family – her husband of 29 years and her two children – and her health and well-being are examples for everyone around her. Connie enjoys daily activity like golf, yoga, and meditation, and she can even be found exercising during her lunch hour!

Clearly, Connie finds significant alignment and personal fulfillment in her work at AVAIL. Her passion for service spills over into her teams’ commitment to advancing our company’s goals of consistently enhancing positive customer experiences and relentlessly advocating on behalf of our customers’ relationship with technology. AVAIL and our customers are lucky to have her on the leadership team.


Nathan Gossage

Director of Operations

Nathan/Nate has over 25+ years’ experience in IT Support, Operations, Project Management, and Customer Service. He holds degrees in Computer Information Systems and Business Administration and uses his knowledge and resources to ensure the best client experience possible.

Nathan/Nate has always been a relationship-oriented person and enjoys getting to know people as he believes life is better with shared experiences.

Nathan/Nate has been married for 27 years to his wife, Holly, and has two sons and one daughter. Outside of work, Nathan/Nate enjoys spending time with family, hiking, playing guitar, and hanging with friends. Nathan/Nate is excited to be part of the AVAIL team and to foster relationships within and without AVAIL.


Todd Murtoff

Solutions Architect

Todd has 30 years of experience in the IT Industry, serving in a variety of roles including Systems Engineer, Project Management, IT Consulting and Strategy and even as an owner of an IT Service Provider.

As a Solutions Architect with AVAIL 360, Todd brings those years of service and experience to design solutions and provide services that best fit the business needs of each customer through engagement with leadership and the end user community. Developing these relationships and understanding of the business operations is key to IT Strategy and Solutions. Todd also enjoys the collaboration of delivery to the customer, whether that is the AVAIL 360 Team, a trusted partner, or other resources. By bringing the correct players to the table and establishing those connections and communication, the customer will receive the best experience and result.

Outside of AVAIL, Todd enjoys spending time with his 2 daughters, interior design and home projects, and serving at his church on the Media Team and Men’s Ministry Team.

Todd is thankful for the opportunity to be a part of building the AVAIL 360 IT Services Business Unit and looks forward to growth and providing exceptional services and solutions to our customers.


Chris Bomberger

Solutions Architect

Chris is AVAIL’s Solutions Architect and brings over 10 years of experience as an information technology professional to our team. He focuses on cloud and managed services as well as security solutions, and he enjoys using his industry and technology knowledge to function as the trusted technical advisor for AVAIL’s customers. Professionally, he aims to help customers navigate the cloud and security landscape by bringing an agnostic approach to the solutions selection process, and he helps guide customers through the research, selection, and management of their best-fit solutions. Personally, he enjoys spending time with family and his two dogs Maggie and Winston.


David Brechbill

Technology Advisor

For over 20 years in his career, Dave has proven himself to be a man of many talents. Having served with teams in Project Management, Engineering, Purchasing, and Shipping over his 16 years with our company, Dave brings a rich and valuable blend of technical expertise, integrated perspective, service-orientation, and deep commitment to our customers, our team, and our pursuit of excellence as an organization. The trust and respect that Dave has earned provide him a solid foundation upon which he brings incredible value in developing technical and financial solutions for our customers.

Dave’s passion is evident in everything he does, professionally and personally. He enthusiastically offers mentorship and spends time with young adults from his church community, striving to share the wisdom he has gained from his own journey. An avid reader and movie buff, Dave manages to also find time for cycling with his wife of 22 years, with whom he has three wonderful children. Clearly, Dave serves as an example to us all as he strives to live life to the fullest in every respect.

Perhaps most importantly, Dave’s commitment to character – doing the right thing even when nobody is watching – remains at the core of his identity, and it’s something our team, our company, our partners, our customers, and our community benefit from every day. With the diversity of his talent and expertise, it is easy to see why Dave is so passionate about ensuring that AVAIL maintains our focus on excellence in all things, most especially the process, the relationships, and the people to deliver world-class solutions to those whom we serve.


Dan Horst

Technology Advisor

Dan Horst is a man of action and commitment, through and through. For the past four years, Dan has focused his drive and attention on growing revenue for AVAIL in his role as Technology Advisor, where his solution-oriented nature and collaborative energy shine. Dan’s motivation, focus, and dedication to our organization are evident also when he states openly that he intends to beat his current record of serving for 17 years with his last company. Our stakeholders, customers, providers, and community can rest assured that Dan will be working for them and with them for years to come.

When he’s not nurturing customer relationships and striving to grow AVAIL, Dan loves spending valuable time with his family, especially his two wonderful sons who are heavily involved in sports. Married to his high school sweetheart for nearly 20 years, Dan remains intent on modeling honesty and integrity every day, personally and professionally. It’s who he is, and it aligns perfectly with the core values at AVAIL.

For these reasons, as with the rest of the sales team, it is easy to see why Dan is a valuable member of our AVAIL Community. We can all count on the fact that Dan will remain adamant about doing his part to expand AVAIL’s reputation for stellar customer advocacy, and we are all fortunate to benefit from his passion to help our company gain recognition as one of the best places to work in Pennsylvania.


Josh Landis

Technology Advisor

Josh has been with AVAIL since 2020 as a Technology Advisor – bringing 24 years of experience to the role. As a former Director of IT for a large mechanical contractor, he has a deep understanding of technology and how it complements business operations. In this role, Josh is a trusted advisor who advocates for AVAIL’s customers and works toward ensuring their technology goals and initiatives are met with the best solutions. Josh is passionate about working integrity and transparency into every process and interaction, and puts relationships and people first above all else.

He exudes care and empathy for others, and his daily motivation is forging lifelong relationships with customers. As someone who enjoys helping and supporting people, he is bent on providing services and solutions to improve customers’ lives both personally and professionally.

As an outdoor enthusiast, Josh enjoys going to the mountains, golfing, and watching his three sons play sports. Married for twenty years, he is a devoted husband, father, and friend, and loves gathering around a campfire and learning how to use his new smoker.

Josh looks forward to being a part of the AVAIL growth story and is excited to continue to foster meaningful relationships with both peers and customers regionally and nationally.


Patrick Leaman

Technology Advisor

For nearly 25 years, Patrick has been an important member of the AVAIL community. Having served in sales and sales leadership roles, Patrick is passionate about cultivating customer relationships based on integrity, honesty, excellence, and transparency. Integrity is also one of the things Patrick values most highly among his colleagues at AVAIL, and our community is better because of his involvement.

In his private life, Patrick models other characteristics that also make him a valuable member of our sales team. An avid cyclist, Patrick loves to race mountain and road bikes, which demonstrates the grit, drive, determination, and discipline that he brings to every dimension of his life. Patrick is also a family man, deeply dedicated to his wife and three children, and he is an active member of his community, serving as a board member for Voices of Hope, which brings world-renowned opera singers to an annual Christmas concert that raises money for childhood education.

As is the case across our exceptional sales team, the alignment of personal and professional values that Patrick embodies for our company, our partners, our customers, and our community is inspiring, instructive, and invaluable. Patrick is proud to have been able to offer our customers viable, important, forward-thinking products to our customers for the past quarter-century, and he looks forward to offering the same exceptional value for years to come.


Valerie Brauckman

Technology Advisor

After successful careers with Verizon and AT&T, Valerie founded TelcoWorks, an independent technology brokerage firm, in 2001. As a Technology Advisory, Valerie partnered with clients to achieve defined business outcomes, assist with digital transformation goals and build a competitive advantage through technology. After growing TelcoWorks for more than 20 years, joining the AVAIL team was a natural progression. She is an integral part of AVAIL’s team, with a focus on cloud, UCaaS, CCaaS, CX and AI. Valerie is committed to helping clients do more with less, reduce vendor sprawl and achieve a better outcome throughout their digital transformation journey. She is beyond excited to extend her service footprint and grow her client base to include customers with more complex solutions. She feels, AVAIL’s commitment to growth, expanded portfolio of leading-edge service providers, expert professional services and project management teams allows her to provide clients with comprehensive roadmaps for cost-effective and purposeful change. Her certifications include: UCaaS, CCaaS, Cybersecurity and Public Cloud. She is a member of Philadelphia ProVisors, Advisory Board of Ultimate Risk Services, Philadelphia ALA Bronze partner, Chester County Economic Development Council, Uwchlan Conservation Trust Board of Directors, 100 Women Downingtown, President of National Garden Club’s Philadelphia Judges Council.


Kim Sowers

Technology Sales Specialist

Kim serves as AVAIL’s Technology Sales Specialist – bringing 25 years of telecom experience to our customers. She keeps up with ever-changing technology and aims to provide the best solution to each AVAIL client. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family – including her husband, daughter, and Golden Retriever – and traveling and riding her motorcycle.

Krista Olnick

Technology Sales Specialist

Krista is a Technology Sales Specialist here at AVAIL, supporting the sales team and existing customers with maintenance renewals and add-on hardware/software needs. For over 12 years, she has provided the highest level of support to both AVAIL’s internal team as well as its customer base. In her personal time, she spends as much time as possible with family.


Sarah Coleman

Business Development and Marketing Manager

Sarah is an experienced Business Development and Marketing Manager with over 10 years of experience in the Information Technology and Services Industry. Her key responsibilities include marketing activities focused on social media outreach, event planning and an emphasis on continuing to build and market the AVAIL brand, with a constant outreach to our existing base and potential customers. She focuses on providing technology solutions to drive optimal operational efficiency, compliance and profitability to meet the needs of AVAIL’s customers. She finds her value is built upon building strong relationships and delivering an unsurpassed level support to her clients. Sarah has 3 children, Dylan, Ella and Leila. She enjoys spending time with her loved ones, is a house plant hobbyist, she’s passionate about cooking, is inspired by music and loves being in nature.


Corinne Suppa

Project Specialist

Corinne is AVAIL’s Project Specialist focusing on project management and supporting our customer base. She has been with AVAIL for 5+ years and has prior experience at Windstream Communications and D&E Communications in project management, sales, and customer service. Outside of work, she prioritizes spending time with her family and being of service to her community.


Brenda Moyer

Project Specialist

Brenda serves as Project Specialist and focuses on advocating for AVAIL’s customers and handling order submissions. She brings 30+ years of experience to AVAIL – having come on board the team in 2010. Prior to AVAIL, she worked at D&E Communications for 20 years. Brenda is an expert in providing customers with the best possible experiences, and she embodies the priorities of customer satisfaction, responsiveness, and accountability valued at AVAIL.


Lisa Drapcho

Project Specialist

As our Project Specialist, Lisa installs new services, helps with customer repairs, deals with billing issues and changes, and supports the sales team. She embraces continual professional development, prioritizes customer satisfaction and accountability, and aims to be a subject matter expert in her line of work. Lisa brings 25 years of telecom experience to AVAIL and holds a degree in Business Management from Bloomsburg University. In her personal life, Lisa volunteers with Circle of Hope, enjoys hiking, reading, and spending time with her husband Greg and son Adam.

Matt Murphy

Project Specialist

Matt is a Project Specialist with a focus on Collaboration. Matt has nearly 20 years of experience with collaboration having worked in Operations and Business Development roles. He and his wife, Sarah, of 19 years, have two children, Matthew and Jack. They also have dog, Molly. Matt’s priority in life is to be there for his family and to prepare his children for the world is an absolute necessity. He enjoys being active in cycling, hiking, vacationing at the beach and National Parks, and loves watching Jeopardy.


Gabrielle Kopera

Project Specialist

Gabrielle Kopera is a Project Specialist and a member of the Customer Advocacy team at Avail. She earned a degree in Bachelor of Science in Interactive Media from Harrisburg University of Science and Technology. She interned at Harrisburg University as a user researcher and project manager. She spent three years at Thought Network where she organized and conducted qualitative and quantitative user research for mobile and website applications. While at Thought Network, she was also the lead user experience designer who provided recommendations to enhance usability of mobile applications. Gabrielle enjoys playing video games, writing, and sewing.


Terry Bitner

Support Specialist

Terry is a Support Specialist, specializing in Cloud Services. He comes to AVAIL with 10 years in the IT Industry. He earned a certificate in Computer Systems Technology as well as an associate degree in Computer & Network Systems Administration. He considers himself a jack of all trades and master of one, IT. In his free time, he enjoys spending his time outdoors, such as, hiking, hunting & fishing.


Jimmy Good

Support Specialist

Jimmy is a Support Specialist, specializing in Cloud Services, and brings several years’ experience in the IT field. He provides technical support, manages requests, and performs project related tasks. He earned a degree in Computer and Network System Administration from Thaddeus Stevens and possesses several IT certifications. He enjoys being outdoors, such as, hiking, fishing, and playing golf.


Marcus DeVasto

Support Specialist

Marcus comes to AVAIL with 10 years’ experience in IT Support, Operations, and Finance. He earned a certificate in Google IT Support Professional and completed several IT courses at SNHU. He always had great passion for electronics and computers that are the driver for his hobbies of video games and art. He enjoys reading a good crime and horror books. During COVID, he found a new passion for making homemade chocolate croissants and lemon meringue pies. He and his wife, Jen, travelled quite a bit that included driving coast to coast twice in one year, so they are very happy that they planted roots in Lancaster.


Richard Foster

Support Specialist

Richard is joining the company as a Support Specialist. He comes to AVAIL with 5 years’ experience in the IT industry, after fifteen years as the Media Director of a large local church where he was responsible for all the audio, video, lighting, web and social media with a volunteer crew in the 100s. Richard and his wife Kristi live in Camp Hill and have two children, Lilli 20 (a junior in Psychology at Pitt-Bradford) and Katelin 14 (a freshman at Camp Hill High School) and a dog, Pandie. With a passion for local theater, especially at the high school/youth level, he can often be found volunteering with various local theatrical organizations and occasionally appearing on stage.


Gavin Gossage

Support Specialist

Gavin Gossage is a Support Specialist, with a broad range of experience in different technologies, anywhere from printers to firewalls. He comes to AVAIL with over 3 years of experience in the IT industry, with time also spent in the Customer Service, Warehouse, and Hardware Installation industries. He is driven to seek the best solutions for customers and is currently in the process of obtaining his Network + and Security + certifications. Outside of IT, he enjoys going to the gym, designing video games, and reading.


Craig Nebel

Support Specialist

Craig is a support specialist with a broad skill set in different technologies, including Windows Server, virtualization, O365\Azure, and networking. Craig comes to Avail with over 20 years of experience in the IT field. He is dedicated to providing the best support possible and works tirelessly to resolve the issue for the customer.


Alyssa Byers

Finance and Accounting Specialist

Alyssa comes to AVAIL with an accounting/finance degree from Millersville University. Alyssa lives in Hempfield with her fiancé, Steven, and his son Michael. She enjoys photography, reading, the beach and the outdoors. She is also a certified personal trainer and loves spending time in the gym. Alyssa enjoys finding new healthy recipes and cooking. Fun fact, her first declared major at Millersville was art education, until she realized she’d rather spend all day working with numbers.


I was going through all of the CenturyLink tickets, and it dawned on me just how much work AVAIL saves us. The relentless follow-ups without taking no for an answer are priceless. I just wanted to thank you for taking this job as seriously as you do and working so hard. It is appreciated far more than you may realize. Thank you!

John Hungerford, Brenntag, Sr. Network Engineer

I work with vendors all the time, and customer service is at the top of my list. I will say – without a doubt – you have one of the best teams in this industry. I sincerely appreciate the level of detail and the great customer service you provided.

Erik Lofgren, UDS Foundation, Information Technology Director

My experience with AVAIL Technology Solutions deserves a five-star review. They met with me and listened to our company needs. They helped me make a decision on the best solution for our company at the time. They also gave me recommendations for future growth. The experience from sales to installation was top notch! I view AVAIL Technology Solutions as a trusted advisor.

Don Mumma, Vertex Mechanical, Operations Manager

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