A Consultative Process

With Proven Results

Our time-tested approach to discovering what you need and procuring the solutions saves you money and helps you grow.

Discovery and Requirements Gathering

We evaluate where your business is today, factor in your goals and requirements, and establish a plan for growth through technology.

How We Help

We begin by listening to our customers to understand what solutions would best fit their needs. After a series of meetings with decision-makers, we identify areas for improvement and how to set your business on a successful path for the future.

Solution Design

We customize a package of solutions – tailored to your business and fit to achieve your goals from our vetted vendor partners.

How We Help

Using all the data gathered during the discovery process, we evaluate our portfolio of market-leading providers against customer objectives. We design a solution that addresses not just the immediate needs and gaps but sets the short and long-term stage for growth.

Sourcing and Procurement Management

Once your custom design looks good to you, we oversee obtaining your technology solutions from our vendor partners at the best prices.

How We Help

Our dedicated staff uses our partner resources to obtain competitive price options – eliminating time spent meeting and obtaining from these providers separately. With just one proposal, you can easily compare your options, and we advocate on your behalf through the entire process through to implementation.


Our team handles all order processing, receiving, tracking, and fulfilling so you experience no disruptions to daily work while your solutions materialize.

How We Help

We take care of order submission and coordinate what people need to be engaged in what roles to successfully complete major milestones. We escalate as needed and are dedicated to participating in activations even after hours.

Managed Services

Our industry experts provide implementation services and Day 2 support options to ensure service availability and keep your team focused on your business, not technology. 

How We Help

You get one phone number to call and one email address to write should you need anything from your dedicated customer advocate. That advocate will determine which provider needs to be contacted, contact that provider, follow up on the status of the situation, and ensure the issue is resolved – all while communicating with you each step of the way.

Spend Analytics

We provide Invoice Management Solutions to increase visibility to technology spend and automate approval and payment.

Leverage Our Unique Process for Cost-Effective Growth Through Technology

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We’re so confident in our process that if we can’t deliver solutions that save you money, we’ll pay you $200.