Unleashing the Power of MS Teams Calling

Enhancing Efficiency with Third Party Integration

Microsoft Teams has emerged as a global go-to collaboration solution for over 300 million users in today’s tech landscape. While Teams excels in messaging and video conferencing, integrating it with a dedicated Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) provider unveils benefits for technology professionals. Here’s a concise guide on how third-party integration enhances MS Teams Calling:

Seamless Fusion for Enhanced Collaboration:

  • Teams is a household name for collaboration, but integrating a dedicated UCaaS provider brings a seamless fusion of telephony capabilities. This unified experience simplifies communication for both internal and external interactions.

Extended Global Reach:

  • Microsoft’s native Calling Plans cover 33 countries, but a third-party UCaaS provider often offers a broader geographic footprint with fewer constraints. This is pivotal for businesses operating on a global scale.

Amplifying Features Beyond Teams Alone:

  • A dedicated UCaaS provider extends the calling capabilities of MS Teams. Expect features like Interactive Voice Response (IVR), advanced analytics, and innovative call center functionalities, providing a comprehensive solution.

Cost-Effective Communication:

  • MS Teams Phone System can incur substantial costs—averaging $1,500 per user per year. Contrast this with the $1,000 industry average for a UCaaS provider, delivering significant cost savings without compromising functionality.

Enhanced Reliability:

  • Relying solely on MS Teams for calling, messaging, and meetings poses a single point of failure risk. Many UCaaS solutions offer higher reliability, reducing the impact of potential downtime.

Familiar Teams Interface:

  • Integrating UCaaS natively into MS Teams ensures a consistent interface without additional downloads or plugins. Users benefit from the familiarity of the Teams platform, enhancing productivity without the need for retraining.

Streamlined App Integrations:

  • UCaaS providers effortlessly accommodate custom integrations, eliminating the need to rewrite existing connections with business-critical apps like CRM or help desk solutions.

Comprehensive Global Coverage:

  • While MS Teams’ Phone System supports 33 countries, UCaaS providers typically cover over 40 countries, with broader global support for free phone calls.

Advanced Calling Features:

  • UCaaS providers bring advanced calling features, including fax services, call controls, automatic call recording, and integrated voice response (IVR). This enriches the communication toolkit for technology professionals.

Simplified Analytics:

  • Unlike MS Teams Phone System, UCaaS providers often offer advanced analytics, providing insights into call performance and application usage without additional third-party investments.

Integrated Call Center Excellence:

  • While MS Teams integrates with Dynamics 365 CRM for call centers, dedicated UCaaS providers offer fully integrated solutions covering inbound and outbound calls, omnichannel support, and even AI-driven optimizations.

In summary, integrating Microsoft Teams Calling with a third-party UCaaS provider is a game-changer for technology professionals. It streamlines communication, expands global reach, and enriches features, ensuring a cost-effective, reliable, and innovative solution for businesses navigating the dynamic tech landscape.